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Horse-Racing.Today is an online Horse Racing guide that aims to provide the most valid and accurate information. When using Horse-Racing.Today you are using a guide based on the thoughts and preferences of the people running the website.

All our review scores are set by our administrators or by the users of Horse-Racing.Today. We do not encourage anyone to play with real money but simply providing you with good Horse Racing offers. If you are not happy with an online Horse Racing please send us this information as this might affect our review score of a Horse Racing.

We are not able to affect any of our marketed Horse Racing’s terms and conditions. If you have an issue with a Horse Racing that needs to be solved please do so with the customer service of the Horse Racing and not us as we do not have any back-end information.

Below you can find our terms of service. In these terms, Horse-Racing.Today will be referred to as we, our, us or website. You or users will be referred to like you who use Horse-Racing.Today as a visitor.

The terms to oblige when using Horse-Racing.Today

  1. All information on Horse-Racing.Today is common information. All information is due to change at any time without any warning.
  2. When using any pictures or information found on Horse-Racing.Today you are required to refer to Horse-Racing.Today.com as a source.
  3. By using Horse-Racing.Today you approve that you are compliant with our privacy policy.
  4. Logos or media created by Horse-Racing.Today is not to be distributed on any third-party websites. You do not have the right to use any of our partner’s logos created by us.
  5. We do not authorize any of the content distributed by Horse Racing displayed on our website. This means any information on Horse-Racing.Today may be inaccurate. We do not take responsibility that information found on Horse-Racing.Today is valid.
  6. Horse-Racing.Today does not take responsibility for any harmful content displayed on websites that we link to. We do our best in order to assure your safety on other websites and try to keep all connections secure with SSL certificates.
  7. We can at any time block your IP address from using Horse-Racing.Today should we find a reason to do so.
  8. By subscribing to our newsletter, you accept that we at any time may contact you with Horse Racing offers. You have the possibility to unsubscribe to our newsletter.

Campaigns and other information

We always strive to provide updated information within the world of online Horse Racing. This from bonuses to new Horse Racing. However, this is an explosive industry where a lot of this may happen that we can keep up with updating.

Because of this Horse-Racing.Today cannot be responsible for information accuracy displayed on our website. Of course, we will do everything to make sure the information is true so this term is mostly a formality.

Third-party links and sabotage

We do not accept linking to Horse-Racing.Today without giving us a head up beforehand. If you wish to refer to Horse-Racing.Today on your website or blog please drop us a message to get the request approved. This has to do with our search engine strategy. Placed links to our site without having sent a request that has been approved will be counted as sabotage against our website.

This also means that you have breached our terms of service which may have legal consequences. You are also not allowed to in any form try to breach into our systems and or cause any other form disturbance to our front and or backend of Horse-Racing.Today.

Thank you for helping us make Horse-Racing.Today the best online Horse Racing guide for UK players!


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Last Updated: 21/07/2022